You can take advantage of more than 20 years experience in eLearning and application development. Through the years I've gained experience in building desktop applications, eLearning modules, eLearning developer's templates, as well as data driven eLearning engines where the same logic facilitated several lessons that were read from local or web-based databases.

In the application development area I have experience with C, C++, VB, and Delphi. I was the principle engineer for Authorware at Macromedia for five years.
In eLearning I have extensive experience with Authorware which I've used in eLearning development for over a dozen companies. This experience includes data tracking to local or LAN or web-based databases, automation of content editing with KOs and commands, and building DLLs and Xtras as Authorware extensions.
In the web application development area I have experience with VB.NET and C#, with SQL Server, C# and VB.NET Web Services, and PHP with MySQL.

Use the experience  menu to browse through descriptions of applications or projects I've built or helped to build over the years. There are also application samples  that you can launch to see. Contact us if you need more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss your eLearning application development needs.

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