For over 20 years I've been involved in programming applications of many different kinds. Since 1993 I've concentrated almost exclusively on applications in the eLearning industry. Beginning with developing re-usable templates for eLearning content developed in Macromedia Authorware, through data driven eLearning applications that automatically adjust their content according to data in a content database, to full scale learning management systems.

This broad range of application development has provided me with experience in task analysis, project planning, performance measurement, application development, and quality assurance. None of these steps are optional, they each carry their weight in the development of any size application.

These are truly exciting times. Every aspect of application development and web development is undergoing constant change and eLearning development is no exception. New methods and tools are being developed and improved at rates that continue to astound. Reliance strives to be current on technologies to provide leading solutions for the eLearning industry.

Data-driving your website or eLearning applications is a key to keeping long term costs in control. Whether your database is MySQL with PHP or SQL server and .NET, Reliance can provide the solution from the database design environment all the way to the end-users screen.

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